to meet the costs of supporting expensive renewable energy schemes,

Auroville moves ahead on the road to energy sufficiency by using non conventional energy sources

giving impetus to non-conventional energy, the parliamentary budget committee of Germany decided to raise subsidies for solar, thermal, biogas and geothermal energy to 400 million marks from 300

the uk government is promoting solar energy in a big way. It has offered energy companies three million pounds to help develop solar power systems for public buildings like schools, churches

the European Union (eu) governments have recently approved a new directive on renewable energy. The directive seeks to achieve the Kyoto Protocol targets of the eu. As per the directive,

hungary has taken a significant step towards promoting renewable energy

Water body and trees around the building provide cooling effect

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a global network of non-governmental organisations ( ngo s), business associations and scientific institutions has launched the World Council for Renewable Energies ( wcre ), to

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