Nagpur: Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) has been caught on the wrong foot.

ABU DHABI: India is committed to meet its renewable energy goals and is not bothered about US president-elect Donald Trump's skepticism on policies related to climate change, Piyush Goyal, India's

Hundred units of fossil fuel is used to produce one unit of food - consumption of which leads to lifestyle diseases like cancer and diabetes.

India is poised for huge growth in solar energy and it won't stop at the 100GW solar power target to be achieved by 2022, Power Minister Piyush Goyal has said.

भोपाल। कुलदीप सिंगोरिया। अब आप भी अपने घर की छत पर सोलर पैनल लगाकर बिजली का उत्पादन कर सकते हैं। इसके लिए लगने वाले प्लांट की लागत पर 30 प्रतिशत सब्सिडी के साथ ही आपको नगर निगम प्रॉपर्टी टैक्स में

Moving to a low-carbon economy only way to tackle impact of global warming

The idea behind deciding an internal carbon price is essentially that the entity polluting should pay for the damage done to the environment.

PATNA: The final proposal of Patna for smart city contest will focus on river-front development, improvement of amenities around the railway stations and installation of solar panels on government

Focus should be on capabilities and track record, not just costs’

SECI will tie up long-term power purchase agreements of developers with non-windy states to whom power will be supplied through the central transmission utility.