Methan village in Sidhpur tehsil, Patan district of Gujarat saves 500 metric tonnes of fuelwood annually. They ve been doing it for the last 15 years. This village is home to India s largest biogas plant, run by Silver Jubilee Biogas Producers and Distrib

An extension of the pursuit of inner purity to purer forms of energy

The Spanish government's proposal to end subsidies for renewable fuels has made the country's Association of Renewable Energy Producers (arep) see red. The government feels that the sop should be

Government endorses six renewable energy projects to be set up with Dutch assistance

Hydrogen fuel is produced from sugar

Second generation reforms in energy certification come through

Iceland to become the first hydrogen economy, to do away with fossil fuels

By being home to the world's first solar tower, Australia is scaling new heights in its quest for tapping renewable energy resources. The one-kilometre-high structure would generate electricity to

insert a card and get electricity. This is the new mantra of the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (wbreda). Known for its innova

AMERICAN ATTITUDES ON CLIMATE CHANGE Conducted by Zogby International . New York . June 14-19 Last year, the US rejected the Kyoto protocol on climate change