despite global opposition, the French government has decided not to reduce its dependence on nuclear power. According to Christian Pierret, the country's junior minister for industry, though

a connecticut, us -based company is all set to offer its customers a new power alternative called "green" electricity. This, it says, is not generated from oil or nuclear reactors, but from

A plan to build 26 windmills in Maasoey, in the northern Norwe

Another 100 years and the world will begin to suffer from high fever. Utilising solar energy may prevent a catastrophe

solar and wind power projects will prove to be profitable if governments and oil companies get behind them, speakers told a Greenpeace business conference recently. "To get such a

uk's future Energy, a green energy accreditation scheme, is designed to give consumers the choice to buy electricity derived from environmentally-friendly sources. But Friends of the Earth (