There is immense promise in it. It is rechargeable, non toxic and flexible. It is the new plastic battery

A recent CII meet invited focus on renewable sources of energy to perk up India s demand supply scenario

The world's first sea driven electricity generator is launched

This time round, US secretary of energy Hazel O'Leary's visit to India was a successful business trip

American industry tries to power its way into the Indian renewable energy market

The internationally funded programme to promote solar photovoltaic systems remains a nonstarter

Not a single proposal has been cleared by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Authority (IREDA), the financing arm of the Union ministry of non-conventional energy (MNES), in the 2 years since

As part of women's welfare programmes, various NGOs are promoting the use of renewable and alternative energy.

Present day interest in solar power has arisen mainly because of rapidly dwindling energy resources. But the quest for tapping the sun's energy began in ancient times.

Sugar mills need to invest only an additional Rs 2.3 crore to generate 1 MW of power, whereas conventional power generation from coal costs Rs 3 crore per MW, reports a task force constituted by the