State renewable energy action plan for Assam

In recent years, the Indian Renewable Energy (RE) sector has witnessed high grow rate – driven by the Government of India (GOI) commitment to increase RE capacity to 175 GW in 2022 and the assurance to increase the proportion of non-fossil fuel in India’s fuel mix to 40 percent by 2030 (as part of India’s NDCs target). In view of this, a number of policies & regulatory initiatives for promotion of RE have been undertaken and in response, the RE sector has grown rapidly in last five year. The objective of this study is to prepare a State Renewable Energy capacity addition roadmap—an action plan for 2022. The action plan to meet the 2022 target must clearly identify and suggest the potential actions agenda, incentives, regulatory and policy framework, institutional framework (indicating the role of different stakeholders), intra states evacuation infrastructure and balancing requirements to be undertaken by the identified state to meet the target capacity.