Missing the mark: gaps and lags in disbursement of development finance for energy access

This new report, Missing the Mark: Gaps and Lags in Disbursement of Development Finance for Energy Access, provides useful insights about the effectiveness of finance commitments for energy access projects in selected developing countries. The findings are focused on 20 selected ‘high-impact’ countries predominantly in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, which have significant energy access gaps and can least afford delays in putting finance to work for actual on-the-ground projects. The report provides relevant information for government leaders, donors, development finance players and energy access providers, all of whom play critical roles in achieving the objectives of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) of universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern electricity and clean cooking by 2030 as well as the African Development Bank’s New Deal on Energy for Africa which aims to fast-track achieving universal access to electricity in Africa to 2025 as an input into achieving the other SDGs.