Final report on air quality status in the National Capital Region

Final report on air quality status in the National Capital Region as per Hon’ble National Green Tribunal order in the application No. 21 of 2014 (In the matter of Vardhman Kaushik Vs. Union of India). As per Order of Hon'ble National Green Tribunal (NGT) in its order on 04.12.2014 as under: "We direct a team of CPCB, DPCC, a Scientist from MoEF, a Scientist from state Boards of State of Rajasthan, State of Haryana and State of Uttar Pradesh to take ambient air quality samples from the entire NCR Delhi at different intervals and times. The samples would be taken during the peak hours as well as non-peak hours. The sample shall definitely be collected in the early morning hours and late evening hours. The complete analysis of this data for all parameters of NAAQS 2006 shall be made and comparison with the national ambient air quality specified in the Notification dated 18th November, 2009 issued by the MoEF in relation to the air quality standards specified therein shall be made. This report shall also identify the environmentally safest period of the day when residents of Delhi would be exposed to minimum injury to their health." In continuation of the Hon’ble Tribunal hold next hearing dated 12/01/2015 and 19/01/2015 wherein Hon'ble National Green Tribunal (NGT) ordered on 19.01.2015 as under: “All the directions issued by the Tribunal, particularly in relation to the vehicular pollution shall be carried out by all the concerned agencies without delay and default. The Expert Team (CPCB) shall take ambient air quality sample from all the Borders of Delhi and the adjacent area and submit the analysis reports before the Tribunal prior to the next date of hearing”.