Government of India has decided to provide 24 x 7 power to all in the country. The Government has a great mission of exploiting the Renewable Energy Sources in the country to an optimum level. In line with this mission it has multifaceted plans to tap the huge potential of unharnessed Renewable Energy Resources in an effort not only to supply 24 x 7 power to all but also to reduce the GHG emissions. There is a plan to add 100 GW of solar power, 60 MW of Wind power, 5 MW of power from small hydro plants and 10 MW from Biomass and Bagasse cogeneration plants by the year 2022. 28 Regulatory Commissions including CERCs and JERCs have issued Regulatory orders on Renewable Energy Sector and 17 SERCs have issued Net Metering Regulations. Besides many Regulatory Commissions have revised their Regulations and few commissions have issued amendments to the existing orders after the target to add 175 GW of Renewable capacity has been announced by the government. A Compendium of Regulatory and Tariff orders issued by CERC and State Regulatory Commissions on Renewable Energy Sector in India shall act as an aid to Investment Promotion in the area of Renewable Energy Sector. The compendium covering regulations / amendments to the existing regulations issued by various Regulatory Commissions upto March 2016.