The energy industry has warned that an effective emissions trading scheme could drive up the price of energy by almost a quarter in inflation-adjusted dollars by 2020.

Higher retail prices would be driven by changes to the energy sector. Cutting carbon emissions 10% by 2020 would push up the cost of emissions permits to $45 per tonne of carbon dioxide, adjusted for inflation, according to a report commissioned by the Energy Supply Association of Australia.

KOCHI: Are windmills eco-friendly? Of course, in plains, but not in High Ranges where they pose serious threat to the Earth.

Attappadi hills are the telltale example. It is one of the two sites where windmills are being set up for power generation in the state.

The other being Ramakkalmedu in Idukki district. Apart from these, 16 sites have also been identified for windmills in Kerala.

By K N Reddy, DH News Service, Bangalore:

While states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat are making rapid strides in generating wind energy to augment their power supply, Karnataka is lagging behind in the field.

Delay in getting clearances from the forest department, besides a delay in signing of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) by the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited and the Electricity Supply Companies (ESCOMS) have been cited as some of the reasons for the delay in commissioning wind energy projects in the State.

Hyderabad, July 20: The upcoming CRPF gym in Chandrayangutta is all set to give an entirely new meaning to the urban slang of a

UDAIPUR (Tripura), July 19: Criticising Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for going ahead with the nuclear deal, Tripura Chief Minister and CPI-M Politburo member Manik Sarkar today said if power is generated from different natural resources of the northeastern region it would be cheaper than that from nuclear reactors.
Addressing CPI-M supporters and activists here, Sarkar said huge quantity of power could be produced by using river water and natural gas available in the NE region.

The common scientific armour against alternative energy systems, if we take the energy from water concept, for that matter, is the first law of thermodynamics (which leads to conservation of energy). It says "The increase in the internal energy of a system is equal to the amount of energy added by heating the system, minus the amount lost as a result of the work done by the system on its surroundings". In layman terms, it says energy cannot be created and input energy should be greater than output considering all systems are less than 100% efficient


Sushmi Dey & Subhash Narayan NEW DELHI

WHILE the Indo-US nuclear deal may be waiting in the wings, the government has proposed yet another initiative to boost the growth of alternative energy sources in the country. It is planning to enact a new Renewable Energy Law that would stipulate mandatory procurement of prescribed minimum renewable energy in each state. The move is aimed at diversifying the country's energy mix that is dominated by oil, gas and coal as basic fuel feed.

Raktima Bose 3 more solar power plants for West Bengal Solar energy-run housing complex set up at New Town in Kolkata Aim is to achieve zero-carbon emission KOLKATA: West Bengal is pitching in in a big way to find alternative sources of power in the face of rising fuel cost and growing global warming. It is slated to get three more solar power plants in Purulia and Bankura districts, after the one at Asansol in Burdwan district, first of its kind in Southeast Asia, S.P. Gon Chaudhuri, Director, West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Authority (WBREDA), on Wednesday.

BRITISH state schools are to be included under the government's new domestic carbon emissions trading scheme from April 2010, the environment minister said on Wednesday. Energy use in schools will be measured and count toward the emissions permit quotas of local authorities, which in turn will be encouraged to advise schools on energy efficiency, Hilary Benn said. "Young people stand to gain most tomorrow from the action we take on climate change today. That's why schools should be included in the shift to a low carbon economy," Benn said in a statement.