Kanpur residents drank untreated water as the city's water works, supposedly, did not have the funds to buypurifiers.

WATER QUALITY CRITERIA Water class Criteria A Drinking water without treatment: Faecal coliforms: 50 MPN / 100 ml (max); DO: 5 mg/1

Pollution, disorderly urban growth and inadequate basic services are plaguing the Kathmandu valley and adversely affecting tourism, the valley's major revenue earner. Tourism itself is a burden on the valley's resources. Attempts are being made to stem t

Voluntary groups in Madras are taking up the onus of increasing AIDS awareness among various groups including students, blue collar workers and truck drivers

The sorry state of the Bagmati is an eloquent pointer to the state of the Kathmandu Valley

Instead of treating AIDS patients in hospitals, an organisation in Uganda is effectively extending health care to them in their own homes

Nepal's carpet industry is being castigated for being the primary polluter of the Kathmandu valley

So successful was the Siandi experiment in cooperative fishing and prawn culture, vested interests just would not allow it to continue

The Newars of Kathmandu realised centuries ago that if they had to leave space for future generations, they would have to live as compactly as possible

Urban pressures are threatening to destroy the lesser known of Kathmandu's historical structures