India is struggling with skyrocketing energy demands, declining energy supplies, and peak load blackouts and shortages that limit energy access. The country’s recent economic growth has depended largely on fossil fuels, resulting in greater energy security concerns, higher electricity pricing, and increased pollution.

The Indian solar industry has been maturing at a rapid clip, growing more than a hundredfold in four years to reach over 2.6 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity in 2014.

A new TRAFFIC analysis of hundreds of seizures sounds the alarm on Asia’s ongoing widespread bear trade and the need for immediate international action.

The United States has made progress in reducing dangerous air pollution since 1990 but work remains to reduce risks for the country's most overburdened urban areas, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's top official said.

‘Forests in a Changing Climate: Sourcebook for REDD+’ is designed to give an overview of the key topics related to forests and climate change, under the overarching and evolving REDD+ narrative. The purpose is to facilitate the integration of this new knowledge domain into multi-disciplinary University programmes.

The Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2014, the 45th edition of this series, includes the latest available economic, financial, social, and environmental indicators for the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank.

As countries around the world face urgent agricultural challenges, the concept of ‘climate-smart’ agriculture (CSA) has been put forward to synergistically achieve climate change adaptation, mitigation, and food security. This new CGIAR paper explores how Brazil, Ethiopia and New Zealand are using integrated policy approaches to CSA.

This paper studies how East Asia's trade composition and orientation have changed over the past decade and analyzes the implications for the region and beyond.

This Guide is a publication by UNDP and the Climate Parliament in the framework of their joint Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy (PARE) project.

Questions raised in Rajya Sabha on national mission to improve the accuracy of monsoon forecasts, 14/08/2014.