IDCF 2014 Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight 28 July – 8 August 2014. Operational Plan for states, UTs and districts.

There have been various reports documenting practices of recycling e-waste in the country and drawing an inference of the environmental impacts of such practices. However, there is negligible data to substantiate this correlation.

This has reference to the Ministry's Office Memorandum dated 17th October 2013, wherein, the moratorium was lifted on consideration of projects from the non-Western Ghats Talukas of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg Districts, Maharashtra except for Dodamarg Taluka, under the EIA Notification, 2006.

The Beaufort Sea is a unique ocean environment that covers approximately 476,000 km² (184,000 sq. mi), spanning the Canadian-U.S. border and stretching across the northern coasts of Alaska, Yukon and the western Northwest Territories. This remote sea has always been dominated by sea ice.

This report sets out to integrate three important issues related to food. It asks what changes to diets and food-related behaviours could:

• Improve the ‘healthiness’ of the average diet of the UK population.

• Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

• Use less land globally.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on eradication of dry latrine system, 24/07/2014. One among the questions asked was about the roadmap and the time-frame for the complete eradication of the dry latrine system in India.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on organic farming in tribal areas, 25/07/2014. One among the question asked was "whether Government has developed any programme for the development of organic farming in the tribal majority and forest dweller areas, especially in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal".

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on sale of sub standard seeds, 25/07/2014. One of the question asked was "whether Government is aware that in Madhya Pradesh the Seed Mafia in collusion with Beej Pramanikaran Sanstha is selling sub-standard seeds to other States especially in Maharashtra by using the tag of Beej Pramanikaran Sanstha."

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on decline in agricultural land, 25/07/2014.

The 2014 Human Development Report—Sustaining Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience—looks at two concepts which are both interconnected and immensely important. This year's Report show that overall global trends are positive and that progress is continuing.