This paper by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) examines two financing models for better infrastructure development in emerging economies. The paper compares the more centralized, development bank driven infrastructure investment model in Brazil with the decentralized model in India.

Europe can transform its climate leadership into a global competitive advantage by scaling up innovation and deployment, the industry-backed Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness (i24c) initiative has said.

This coffee table book is part guide and part cookbook— informative without being technical. The book begins by giving an overview of pulses, and explains why they are an important food for the future. It also has more than 30 recipes prepared by some of the most prestigious chefs in the world.

The IRP Food Systems and Natural Resources report assesses the current status and dynamics of natural resource use in food systems and their environmental impacts, identifying opportunities to move towards more resource-smart food systems.

The report is a one stop shop for learning about key developments and prospects of existing and emerging carbon initiatives. A challenging international carbon market has not stopped the development of domestic carbon pricing initiatives.

The whole life depends on soil, which is an important habitat for thousand millions of organisms. Soil biodiversity is extremely diverse in shapes, colours, sizes and functions.

The U.S. Congress asked the National Academy of Sciences to conduct a technical study on lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident for improving safety and security of commercial nuclear power plants in the United States.

Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review presents the status of renewable energy employment, both by technology and in selected countries, over the past year. In this third edition, IRENA estimates that renewable energy employed 8.1 million people around the world in 2014 (excluding large hydropower).

In compliance of the Order of the Hon’ble NGT, Central Pollution Control Board constituted a Committee comprising officials from MoEF & CC, BIS, CIPET, IIT Delhi and Associated Cement Company (ACC) for framing guidelines for the purpose of proper and appropriate disposal of SMC/FRP plastic waste.

The global gender and environment outlook provides an overview of critical evaluations and analyses of the interlinkages between gender and the environment, and their importance for gender-sensitive policymaking and actions.