Britain will fall woefully short of its own renewable energy targets unless the government allows wind farms to be built closer to shore, the Carbon Trust said in a report on Tuesday.

Sudheer Pal Singh

In order to tap India

Panchkula: A mobile science exhibition van based on the theme Non-conventional energy

Let's cut to the chase. If we are serious about climate change then we have to be serious about changing (drastically) the way the world generates and uses its energy. But even as the rich world talks glibly about 'decarbonisation' of its economy it has done precious little to reinvent its energy system and to wean itself from its fossil fuel addiction.

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat Vidyapith plans to establish an energy park on its campus which will showcase different models of non-conventional energy used in daily life. The energy park will be a permanent establishment where people will guide visitors on different models and their uses.

Hyderabad, Oct. 12: Firms selling solar energy equipment in the state are all set to witness a boom as the Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) has approved the eternal renewable energy source policy. The ERC has issued an order allowing the state-owned power utilities to buy solar energy from the developers at Rs 7 per unit to promote green power.

Green energy synonymous with renewable enegry is used to describe sources of energy which are considered environment friendly, non-polluting, and therefore may provide a remedy to the global warming, mostly caused by conventional fossil fuel burning. Generally, renewable energy combines that resources which restore themselves over short periods of time and do not diminish.

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Unlike the rest of the world, India has yet to wake up to solar energy's potential.

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India is hoping to attract investments of more than $4 billion in renewable energy over the next 5-7 years, as it prepares to unveil a new biofuels policy within a month, renewable energy minister Vilas Muttemwar said.