Influential northern NGOs joined hands to demand a "comprehensive strategy" on forests

The South came back reasonably victorious from Rio, it was only because of the poor leadership of USA. The question now is: will it be able to sustain its success?

Some common misconceptions that emerged during the run up to Rio

Subsidy amounts and sales figures may not always be indicators of commercial success. After a decade old promotion campaign, only a few Indians own solar cookers and fewer still use them. Is the design, which is incompatible to Indian conditions, t

The weavers of Kabir Basti had just two resources: wool and their own talent. With this they transformed their lives

Research on solar cookers has remained the enclave of Gandhian innovators

Even death ceremonies in these 1,200 villages in orissa's Puri district have been transformed

It was from the port towns of this region that Arab dhows laden with merchandise set sail for distant towns in the days of yore. Today, these towns lie deserted -- an eloquent comment on the ecological devastation that has visited the Indus del

Polluters of the environment are now increasingly being regarded as criminals. In New Jersey, there's a new breed of police personnel who are authorised to book them

Many economists now argue that nature cannot be the provider of a perpetual free lunch. It's time to account for natural resource degradation while drawing up balance sheets